What We Do

Today's communications service providers want faster time to market, lower costs, and a response to OTT competitors.

Conventional wisdom says this is going take major BSS, OSS or IT transformation projects lasting years. And a ton of money.

We beg to differ.

VirtualizedWorld is a new and fresh solution to the challenge of innovating services at speed and scale, and enabling new business models, using the principles of virtualization.

Our approach enables telecom service providers to leverage the proven functionality of legacy BSS and OSS platforms.

Our technology lets them execute completely new business and operational models.

Our expertise comes from 20+ years working within Tier 1 operators and major systems integration and network equipment suppliers.

We know telecom. More importantly, we know how to harness the disruptive power of cloud to create brand new possibilities for service providers.

Focus Areas

B/OSS Transformation

Transformation just hasn’t lived up to expectations. What can we learn – and how do we make up for lost time?


Strategies for automation are a key part of getting virtualized functions into production. But are telcos about to duplicate existing silos?

Service Innovation

Time-to-market is a critical metric for any telco. But how can unconventional wisdom virtually eliminate it as an issue?

5G Readiness

5G opens up a host of new revenue opportunities. But how will these be enabled by supporting systems?

Internet of Things

Telcos could be at the heart of IoT market opportunity. But only if they rethink how to utilize their core platforms.

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