IoT Hots Up – But Where Are All the Carriers?

I  attended the ITA Internet of Things Summit in Chicago, Illinois yesterday.

Two things stood out: first, the amazing number of startup businesses in the space, ranging from application companies, enablement platform Companies, device companies, network aggregators, and professional services.

But the most incredible takeaway for me was the lack of any real conversation about the role of carriers in delivering on the promise of IoT. Carriers were only referred to in terms of wholesale connectivity aggregators!

Amazing. All the action is in this ecosystem but there is really no glue to bind applications together. So what sort of future does that point to for IoT? Many small and isolated offers seeking a sustainable business model. Unfulfilled potential and spectacularly missed opportunity to create value.

Will IoT simply be a connectivity service for communications service providers – or will it be the lightning rod for transformation?

Adan Pope is a Guest Contributor to Virtualized World, and CTO of ShopperTrak

photo credit: Nest via photopin (license)