Caught in the Talktalk billing doldrums

In a previous blog Why BSS IT transformation is the easy choice but the wrong one I noted the problems of IT billing transformations and migrations. Today I experienced the results of these first hand.

I recently received a letter from my broadband supplier Talktalk unilaterally informing me I am to be moved to a more ‘modern’ billing plan (for modern read more expensive). As a result the opportunity to upgrade to fibre broadband appeared a good deal. Surely a simple operation to change plans! However, I had not reckoned on the ‘lock down’ in systems that is a precursor to transformation and plan migration. Online I was unable to change my plan. By phone I was informed that I could not obtain fibre broadband (even though a competitive supplier could supply me on the same cabinet, a fibre cabinet I can see at the end of the road). I subsequently checked, using a neighbour’s house address, whether I could get Talktalk fibre as a new customer. The result unsurprisingly was I could get fibre broadband by the end of the month.

The Talktalk systems paralysis with my account has resulted in an inability to change plan, basic integrations with BT Wholesale not working and a customer that is actively looking at alternative providers of Broadband.

If this billing migration, which does not change the actual phone or broadband service received, has resulted in possible churn imagine the possible challenges in the introduction of multiple new ‘digital’ services if these each require major billing change and account lockdown.

Image: bradford