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OSS/BSS capabilities are an integral part of networks and the services they provide. Yet historically they have been treated as a completely separate set of systems from the network infrastructure. This has contributed to inefficient systems and processes, throttled agility and higher costs for the traditional telecom service provider.

However, with new technological paradigms such as virtualization, cloud and SDN blurring the boundaries between network and supporting systems, it is imperative to end the separation of OSS/BSS from network. Failing to make this transition successfully will mean an inevitable loss of competiveness and differentiation for all telecommunication providers.

Virtualized World believe there is an opportunity to translate network providers’ management systems from today’s monolithic, closed software environments into part of an integrated IT/network application environment. An environment that supports increasing levels of automation, innovation and virtualization.

Our aim is to provide the support to create this redefined OSS/BSS.

We recognize that much has been promised in this area. Transformation programs, architectural standards, innovation frameworks, telco APIs and software products have all come and gone with limited change.

We believe this is because of an underlying command/control approach to systems and processes. This creates an inability to decouple functions, creates an underlying desire to see/control the complete network and generates massive amounts of system integration. Like World War I generals (who were always one push away from complete victory) telco operational systems and processes are always only one more federated management system away from complete control and visibility.

Virtualized World is creating the blueprint that will enable the world's largest and most complex businesses to unlock vast revenue potential from existing assets.

We seek to fulfil the unrealized potential of a decade of so-called "transformation" in telecom. And in doing so, provide a solution to the paradox of commoditized networks being ever more costly to operate.

Our vision is unashamedly ambitious.

Our vision is unashamedly ambitious. But the conditions are now right for the confluence of telecom, IT, cloud computing - together with some fresh thinking - to deliver a radical transformation in how the world works.

We're now actively engaging with companies and individuals who share our aims. Sign up to our blog to keep up to date with our progress.

Adan Pope

Technical Advisor

Jag Siva

President & CEO

Francis Haysom

Chief Technology Officer