"Insanity: doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results."  Albert Einstein

OSS and BSS are central to the business of a telco's provider. For many years they have been perceived as being an impediment to new business and technology and requiring 'transformation'.
Yet as long as there has been transformation there has been failure of that transformation. The legacy continues and the transformation generates more legacy and complexity.
Here's the report card OSS/BSS transformation programs, informed by 20+ years of first-hand involvement:

OSS/BSS transformation: Failed

Transforming OSS/BSS while not addressing the business process, change management, data management, and current estate of the rest of your systems dooms the program to failure.

OSS Federation: Failed

Moving data around does not make it more accurate it simply means more copies and errors.

YAMS (Yet Another Management System): Failed

Leads to yet one more technology silo that requires system integration. Compounds the integration problem.

Manager of Managers (MoM): Failed

A hierarchical solution for a distributed problem. Another layer that introduces data error and process coupling. It doesn’t work for organisations so why would it for systems.

NFV/SDN Orchestration: TBD...

The jury's still out. But while we don’t yet know for certain, all the signs are that this will only further complicate the management and control of network and services. NFV MANO is YAMS and Manager of Managers by another name.

If we are to avoid insanity now is the time for a different approach. The advent of virtualization and the breaking of barriers between what is network and software give us the opportunity to take a different approach.

In particular we can learn from the principles of web application design that have proven successful in delivering complex, flexible distributed systems.